VSCC John Harris (Derbyshire) Trial 2006


Class 1a
Photo: Andy Cawley, Frazer Nash Super Sports
Photo: David Marsh, Bugatti Brescia
Photo: David Rushton, MG M Type
Photo: Nicholas Todd, Frazer Nash BMW 319
Class 1b
Photo: James Bickerstaff, Austin 7 Ulster Spl
Photo: Matthew Birkett, Singer/Ford
Photo: Peter Bishop, Austin 7 Chummy
Photo: David Bond, Morris Cowley
Photo: Gillian Carr, Riley Merlin 12/4 Spl Photo: Benjamin Cox, Bugatti Brescia
Photo: Emily Fathers, Austin 7 Cambridge
Photo: Stuart Fearnside, Austin 7 Chummy
Photo: Bryan Gill, Lea Francis Spence Spl Photo: Stewart Gordon, Austin 7 Chummy Photo: Charles Hoskins, Jowett Sand Racer
Photo: Richard Houlgate, Austin 7
Photo: Paul Knill-Jones, Austin 7
Photo: David Leigh, Frazer Nash Interceptor
Photo: David Wilcox, Austin 7 Spl Photo: Ben Wildsmith, Riley 9 Trials Spl
Photo: P. Dobbin, Austin 7      
Class 2a
Photo: Giles Hedley, Ford Model A      
Class 2b
Photo:  Duncan Arthurs, Alvis 12/50
Photo: Stuart Baxter, Chrysler 75 Tourer
Photo: Andrew Staples, Ford Model A
Photo: Timoth Dutton, Ford Model A
Photo: Gareth Frank, Lea Francis P Type Photo: Charles Holmes, HRG 1500 Photo: Paul Jeavons, Vauxhall 30-98 Tourer Photo: Clive Lindsay, Vauxhall 14/40
Photo: Stephen Longden, Chevrolet National Photo: Richard Marsh, Morris Bullnose Photo: Michael Scott, Ford Model A Photo: Michael Windsor-Price, Ford Model A
Photo: Graham White, Lea Francis 12/40 Photo: Annabel Jone, Vauxhall 30/98  

Images © Dan Edge

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